The roof is the most vulnerable and neglected part of your house and probably the most expensive to replace. Don’t take chances with non specialist companies and one man bands – choose Home Counties Cladding the Fascia, Soffits and Guttering Specialists 



Timber is particularly vulnerable to the elements, It requires continuous and costly maintenance. The  problem is particularly acute in the roofline, which is often neglected because of the difficulties of gaining access.

Your Home Counties Cladding Roofline Surveyor will advise you of the best way of dealing with any problems after carrying out a thorough and comprehensive survey of your property.

In some cases total replacement may be necessary but if the timer is sound it is possible to refurbish the roofing by ‘overcapping’. The best judge of your roofline is the Home Counties Cladding Roofline Surveyor.  Professional, Meticulous and highly experienced, he will carry out a comprehensive survey, which will include the condition of the tiles, the under cloaking, the roofing felt, support timber and all other areas of the roofline.

If there is any doubt about the existing fascia and supporting timber in this rot prone area of a house, the recommendation will be total replacement.

At the same time Rigid Over Fascia Protection provides a long term solution to the problems associated with roofing felt, a material which builders have traditionally relied but which frequently rots when exposed to the elements.  In fact, in both refurbishment and replacement projects, maintenance-free over fascia ventilation is strongly recommended by Home Counties Cladding.

 A replacement or refurbishment project should also include ventilation which meets all the relevant Building Regulations.  Home Counties Claddings Over Fascia Ventilation does this simply, inexpensively and discreetly.

The finished job will be a maintenance-free roofline which will ensure long-term peace of mind.

 Home Counties Cladding utilize a number of different profiles which allow you not merely to replace, but to improve and enhance.  The range of profiles – including SquareBullnose and Ogee – provide you with the choice to compliment the style of every property and the taste of every homeowner.

In association with Home Counties Cladding, you can even combine profiles to create decorative effects such as fixing an Ogee profile onto Standard Square board: to improve the overall appearance of your home, modern or traditional.


  • Maintenance free- no more painting
  • Complete roofline refurbishment
  • Rot Resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Weather resistant 
  • Choice of colours and styles
  • Marine grade stainless steel fixingstheroofline