Fascias and Soffits

There are many reasons why people choose the product Home Counties Cladding provide. Traditional wood Fascias are prone to paint chip, insect infestation, and water damage. If left too long, deterioration can result in major roof damage, which in itself presents a much larger problem.

The actual maintenance and treatment of wood is a dangerous, time consuming process, which can be a constant bind when you have more pressing concerns. The UPVC Fascias and Soffits used by Home Counties Cladding eliminate all these factors. The material is highly resistant to weathering, impervious to water, an excellent thermal insulator, fire resistant, attractive in appearance and above all maintenance free.

he top line in high performance.
The best judge of the condition of your roofline is the Swish Approved installer.

Professional, meticulous and highly experienced, he will carry out a comprehensive survey, which will include the condition of the tiles, the undercloaking, the roofing felt, support timber and all the other essential elements of the roofline.

If there is any doubt about the existing fascia and supporting timber in this rot prone area of a house, the recommendation will be total replacement.

The Jumbo profile is thicker and more rigid than Cappair, the refurbishment product, and is specifically designed to replace the existing wooden fascia.

At the same time Jumbotec provides a long-term solution to problems associated with roofing felt, a material on which builders have traditionally relied but which frequently rots when exposed to the elements. In fact, in both refurbishment and replacement projects, maintenance-free over fascia protection is strongly recommended by Swish.

A complete replacement project should also include ventilation which meets all the relevant Building Regulations. Swish Polo does - simply and inexpensively.

The finished job will be a maintenance-free roofline which will ensure long-term peace of mind.

Swish has created a number of different profiles which allow you not merely to replace, but to improve and enhance. The range of profiles - including Bullnose and Ogee - provide you with the choice to complement the style of every property and the taste of every homeowner.

In association with your Swish Approved Installer, you can even combine profiles to create decorative effects such as fixing an Ogee profile onto standard jumbo: to improve the overall appearance of your home, modern or traditional.

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